Feras Jerjis

9th and 10th June 2018
Sinew channels of Classical Chinese Acupuncture – Ann Cecil-Sterman, M.S., L.Ac.

11th February 2018
ITC Level 3 Award in Emergency First Aid at Work

28th and 29th October 2017
An Introduction to Luo Channels – Tim Sullivan

19th August 2017
Acupuncture in the Treatment of Mental Health Conditions – Chris Nortley

12th March 2017
Newcastle Acupuncture Symposium

22nd and 23rd October 2016
Divergent Meridians Part II – Tim Sullivan

24th and 25th October 2015
An Introduction to Divergent Meridians – Tim Sullivan

21st and 22nd February 2015
Gua Sha Part I – Tim Sullivan

1st to 3rd August 2014

Channel Palpation and Treatment of Musculoskeletal Conditions – Worcester Community Acupuncture – Yefim Gamgoneishvili

22nd and 23rd March 2014
An Introduction to Sinew Acupuncture – Tim Sullivan

25th and 26th February 2012

Acupuncture in Gynaecology and Fertility Seminar – York – Jani White LicAc MBAcC ACT AFN

22nd June 2011
Continuing Practitioner Development – Acurea Education

16th February 2011
Continuing Practitioner Development – Acurea Education

3rd February 2010
Anatomy Training on Cadaver Studies, The Lower Limb – Pilates Union UK

February 2010
NLP Eye Movement Integration and Generative Change Practitioner -Communicating Excellence – Nigel Hetherington

12th – 13th September 2009
The Sinew Channels of Classical Chinese Medicine  – Academy of Classical Chinese Medicine, Presented by Jeffrey C Yuen

18th July 2009
The Life and Work of Sun Simiao – Orientation Chinese Medicine Seminars,
A Seminar with Sabine Williams

19th May 2009
Beat and Prevent Cancer with Diet and Nutrition – Northern College of Acupuncture, Jane Plant

10th November 2006
The  Clinical Use of the Secondary Channels – Northern College of Acupuncture, Giovanni Maciocia

29th October 2006
TCM Support in Fertility and IVF – Northern College of Acupuncture, Charlie Buck

14th October 2006
Instructor in Hunyuan Taiji Level 6 – British Hunyuan Taiji Association,  Master Ma Bao guo

7th October 2006
Paediatric Acupuncture, Course and Final Exam –  Acupuncture for Children,  Teresa Barlow and Julian Scott

22nd June 2006
Face Reading in Chinese Medicine (Advanced Seminar) – College of Integrated Chinese Medicine, Lillian Bridges

30th September 2005
Member of The British Thought Field Therapy Association –  BTFTA

30th April – 1st May 2005
Facial Revitalisation with Acupuncture – Northern College of Acupuncture, Virginia Doran, M.S., L.Ac., L.M.T.

22nd April 2005
Gynaecology in Chinese Medicine – Northern College of Acupuncture,  Giovanni Maciocia

4th and 5th December 2004
Prescribed Drugs and the Practice of Chinese Medicine – Northern College of Acupuncture, Dr Stephen Gascoigne

12th November 2004
Medical Assault on the Immune System – College of Chiropractors Northern, Viera Scheibner

12th and 13th May 2004
In Search of the Authentic Self – Northern College of Acupuncture, Lonny Jarrett

12th March 2004
Tongue Diagnosis in Practice – Northern College of Acupuncture,  Giovani Maciocia

24th-27th January 2003
Visceral Manipulation Level IA Workshop –  The Upledger Institute Inc.

24th November 2002
Introductory Workshop on Shonishin Japanese Paediatric Acupuncture –Northern College of Acupuncture, Stephen Birch

20th July – 3rd August 2002
Instructor in Longevity Breathing – B.K. Frantzis Energy Arts System, California

24th June – 7th July 2001
Instructor in Opening the Energy Gates of Your body Chi Gung Program – B.K. Frantzis Energy Arts System, Califoniia

25th March 2001
Workshop of the System of Open Points – Northern College of Acupuncture,
Stephen Birch

1st June 1999
Qualified as an acupuncturist – Northern College of Acupuncture
Member of British of Acupuncture Council