Case studies of two injured American soldiers have shown that scalp acupuncture can relieve pain and restore function and sensation in complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS). CRPS can result from trauma or surgery and causes symptoms including neuropathic pain, allodynia, changes to sweating and decreased range of motion. It is often difficult to manage effectively and, if not recognised early, can result in significant debility. Two subjects who had been diagnosed with CRPS after sustaining upper extremity injuries during military operations, and who had failed to respond to conventional treatment, received Chinese scalp acupuncture (CSA) once or twice a week for one to four weeks. CSA resulted in improvement in pain scores by over 80% in both soldiers, and decreased sensory changes and improved function were also noted. Treatment response was found to be sustained at 20-month follow-up with no recurrence. (Chinese scalp acupuncture relieves pain and restores function in complex regional pain syndrome. Mil Med. 2012 Oct;177(10):1231-4).