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Moxibustion at acupuncture point Zhiyin BL-67 can correct non-vertex presentation, reduce the number of caesarean sections performed and achieve cost savings for the healthcare system, compared with conventional treatment. Analysis by Spanish researchers showed that moxibustion prevents 8.92% of deliveries with non-vertex presentation compared with conventional treatment, resulting in an average cost saving of €107.11 per delivery (mainly due to the costs saved by avoiding the need for caesarean section). Analysis also showed an incremental cost per delivery ranging from €68 for moxibustion versus €640 for conventional treatment. (Cost effectiveness of using moxibustion to correct non-vertex presentation. Acupunct Med. 2015 Apr;33(2):136-41).

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Six-weeks of treatment with moxibustion seems to improve physical and mental quality of life in patients with chronic knee osteoarthritis (KOA). Chinese investigators randomly allocated 150 patients with KOA to either a true moxibustion group (n=77) or a sham moxibustion group (n=73), who received treatment three times a week for six weeks. Participants in the true moxibustion group experienced significantly greater improvement in general health scores than the sham group at weeks 6 and 12. Participants in the true moxibustion group also experienced statistically significantly greater improvement in vitality scores than the sham group at week 12. (Effectiveness of moxibustion treatment in quality of life in patients with knee osteoarthritis: a randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled trial. Evid Based Complement Alternat Med. 21)15;2015:569523. Epub 2015 Jan 21).

Direct moxibustion may be able to improve symptoms of fatigue, according to the results of a small study carried out in the US. Eleven female volunteers aged 25 to 60 years, all of whom were diagnosed with fatigue due to Spleen qi and yang deficiency, had three to five moxa cones burned at 11 acupuncture points once per week for eight weeks. Symptomatic improvement was seen after treatment on the SF-36 Energy/Fatigue Scale, SF-36 Social Function Scale and Flinders Fatigue Scale. Heart rate variability data also showed improvement in three of four participants. (Direct moxibustion to treat spleen qi and yang deficiency fatigue: a pilot study. J Acupunct Meridian Stud. 2014 Apr;7(2):76-82).

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Moxibustion at Sanyinjiao SP-6 may be able to markedly shorten the active phase of the first stage of labour and decrease pain due to uterine contractions, according to Taiwanese researchers. Sixty primipara women in labour were equally assigned, according to their choice, to three groups: bilateral moxibustion at Sanyinjiao SP-6 for 30 minutes, moxibustion at non-acupoints for 30 minutes and no moxibustion. The researchers found that the duration of the active phase of the first stage in the moxibustion group was significantly shorter than that in the other two groups. Visual analogue pain scores after moxibustion were also significantly lower in the this group compared with the no moxibustion group. (Effect of acupoint Sanyinjiao (SP6) moxibustion on the first stage of labor and uterine contractive pain in primiparae. Chin J Integr Med. 2011 Jun;17(6):464-6).