PMT and Menopausal Symptoms
Acupuncture has been used successfully to treat women’s health problems. It can also help other menstrual abnormalities such as irregular or heavy periods. It can help endometriosis and infertility as well as during the period through pregnancy and childbirth. Endometriosis and female infertility are two women’s health problems which have gained wide attention in recent years. The incidence of endometriosis seems to be on the rise. With more women attempting to have children later, often in their late thirties, the incidence of female infertility also seems statistically to have risen.  Modern western medicines diagnosis and treatment of these two conditions is expensive, invasive and often ineffective.  Treatment according to the theories of Chinese Medicine with Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine is more humane, safer and gentle, and along with changes in diet, exercise and lifestyles can be both beneficial and effective.  Many people also have acupuncture as a preventative treatment on the path towards optimum health.

Most women today believe that physical or emotional symptoms before or during a period are an unavoidable burden. For some the severity of the symptoms plays havoc with work, relationships and quality of life. Conditions such as endometriosis, fibroids and cysts carry the additional concerns about fertility. For more information see FAQ.  See article – Acupuncture helps reduce Menopausal Hot Flushes.

Hay Fever and Sinusitus
Hay fever or allergic rhinitis, is a chronic inflammation of the nose, throat and sinuses. It is induced by external irritants, usually pollens carried in the air.  Spring hay fever is related to tree pollen, summer to grass pollen and autumn to weed pollen.  Non seasonal allergies are usually due to household irritants such as dust, animal hair, droppings of the house dust mite, mould, mildew, insect stings and bites.  People with pollen sensitivities have a hard time as it is difficult to avoid pollen because it is in the air that we breathe.  For more information see FAQ.  See article – Acupuncture helps clear Nasal Congestion.