A British pilot study suggests that qigong can be used to manage the symptoms of chronic fatigue. Eighteen female participants were recruited, taught a qigong routine during weekly classes over six months, and asked to practise it daily for 15 minutes. Participants completed a questionnaire measuring health-related quality of life and a sleep diary during a two-week baseline control period, and at three and six months following the start of the trial. The qigong intervention resulted in significant changes in sleep rate score and in the subscales of the questionnaire related to vitality, sleep problems, social activity, health distress and psychological well-being; and the improvements were maintained at three and six months.  (Qigong Ameliorates Symptoms of Chronic Fatigue: A Pilot Uncontrolled Study. eCAM. 2008 Jul 15; doi:10.1093/ecam/nem088).

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