Nick Hudis, Integra Massage – Tuina Practitioner and Herbalist

Louise Collyer Acupuncture, – Resident Acupuncturist with an interest in gynecology and fertility

Tam Nortley, – Resident Acupuncturist, Five Elements Acupuncture

Jo Curle, – Resident Acupuncturist, Facial Enhancement Acupuncture

Jude Soames – Soames Therapy – Pregnancy Massage Therapy

Vicky Batsioudi – Our in-house Yoga teacher

Caroline Tremlett, Hellerwork Scotland – currently on sabbatical

Professional Bodies/Clinics

ACMAC – Association of Community Multibed Acupuncture Clinics

British Acupuncture Council

Dragon Acupuncture

Watson House Therapy Centre, Morpeth –

Useful Health Links – International Topical Steriod Addiction Network – Research on Electro Acupuncture

Local Stuff

The Honey Tree, Newcastle’s Organic Food Store – Our favourite organic food shop – Glamping in North Yorkshire – Local lamb farmer – One of the best weight training coaches in the North East – The Holistic alternative to Botox that is trending right now