Some good news in terms of what acupuncture is capable of.

NICE Guidance – Acupuncture for Chronic Primary Pain

At last, NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence) have issued new guidelines on the 8th April. The committee agreed that there was a large evidence base showing acupuncture to be effective in the short term, three months, the original economic modelling also showed it is likely to be cost effective. 27 studies showed that acupuncture reduced pain and improved quality of life in the short term, up to three months compared with the usual care or sham acupuncture. Two economic evaluations (one in the UK) showed that acupuncture offered a good balance of benefits and costs for people with chronic neck pain however both studies had limitations.

This is a very encouraging development and it is good to see NICE recommending that people suffering from chronic pain, of no known cause, should not be prescribed painkillers instead they are recommending lifestyle medicine ie exercise, talking therapies and acupuncture instead.