A pilot pragmatic trial carried out in Australia suggests that acupuncture can halve the time taken for sub-fertile women to conceive. Fifty-six sub/infertile women were offered either acupuncture plus lifestyle modification, or lifestyle modification only. Acupuncture was administered weekly over a three-month period using a manualised TCM treatment protocol, and was tailored to each patient’s TCM diagnosis, menstrual cycle phase, emotional state, biomedical condition and presenting signs and symptoms. Results indicated a statistically significant increase in fertility awareness in the acupuncture group compared to lifestyle only participants. There was no statistical difference in the pregnancy rate, with seven women achieving pregnancy during the course of the study intervention, however those receiving acupuncture conceived within an average of 5.5 weeks, compared to 10.67 weeks for the lifestyle only group.
Prior to Conception: The Role of an Acupuncture Protocol in Improving Women’s Reproductive Functioning Assessed by a Pilot Pragmatic Randomised Controlled Trial. Evid Based Complement Alternat Med. 2016;2016:3587569.