Data collected from over 6000 births suggests that acupuncture normalises birth, leading to reductions in maternity service costs. A London-based maternity acupuncture service which provides birth preparation acupuncture, assessed its routine hospital maternity data over a two year period to see what effect acupuncture had on labour and delivery outcomes. The Whittington maternity acupuncture service is a free NHS service. Women self-refer to the service for birth preparation and receive weekly acupuncture sessions from 37 weeks of gestation using individualised point prescriptions according to traditional Chinese medicine principles. Data from the service was analysed and women who had birth preparation acupuncture were compared with those who did not receive it. Women who received acupuncture had fewer surgical births, required less intrapartum analgesia, fewer components of an induction of labour and a reduced length of hospital stay, supporting the use of maternity acupuncture. Women valued the availability of acupuncture within the maternity service highly.

Birth preparation acupuncture for normalising birth: An analysis of NHS service routine data and proof of concept. J Obstet Gynaecol. 2020 Jan 23:1-6.