Swedish researchers have shown that minimal acupuncture can shorten the duration and reduce the intensity of crying in infants with colic. Ninety otherwise-healthy infants (two to eight weeks old) with infantile colic were randomised to receive either six acupuncture treatments over three weeks or no acupuncture. Parents were blinded to the allocation of their children. Infants allocated to acupuncture were given minimal standardised acupuncture for two seconds at Hegu L.I.-4. The results showed that children who had acupuncture recovered from colic more quickly than those who did not. Infants in the acupuncture group also exhibited less distress (fussing and crying) over the intervention period. (Acupuncture reduces crying in infants with infantile colic: a randomised, controlled, blind clinical study. Acupunct Med. 2010 Dec;28(4):174-9).