On Sunday 19th May we were honoured to host the 2nd acupuncture symposium organised by the local British Acupuncture Council Coordinator, with people attending from Berwick upon Tweed to Middlesbrough.

It was a day full of learning, reconnecting with colleagues and the morning was kicked off by Jane Mills giving an excellent presentation on homeopathy and how it is used, with some very interesting pointers on the treatment of needle shock with homeopathic remedies. This was then followed by Michael Ranft going through his dissertation looking at the available evidence for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis with acupuncture. Examining both the treatment protocols and the methodologies used, this opened up a discussion among the participants and much information was shared regarding their own treatment strategies that we all found very useful.

Finally, Dr Pippa Lewis, who works in palliative medicine, gave a very enlightening talk regarding the use of nutrition with cancer patients, with some very useful illustrations on how simple changes could have a huge impact in managing cancer care.

I am sure the day will have inspired people to view their own practice in a different way and give them the opportunity to expand their professional network.