Stimulation of the pronator teres muscle with deep needling can improve function and reduce inflammation of the median nerve in carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), according to a study from Norway.  Seventy-five individuals with a cross-sectional diameter of the median nerve of more than two milimetres were included in the randomised clinical trial.  Individuals in the intervention group received intramuscular stimulation (IMS, a form of dry needling to the pronator teres muscle at a depth of 45-50mm, while those in the control group received shallow needling at Quchi L.I. -11 at a depth of 4-5mm.  Both groups received seven treatments within seven weeks.  Both IMS subjects and controls showed significant reductions in the cross-section of the median nerve from baseline to follow-up.  The IMS group showed the largest change, but the difference in the change between the groups was not significant.  For all clinical tests (Phalen’s text, Tinel’s sign, pincer grip strength), along with pain intensity, IMS subjects showed significantly greater improvement from baseline compared with the shallow needling group.  (The treatment effective of intramuscular stimulation on carpal tunnel syndrome: A blinded randomized trial on 75 patients. J Bodyw Mov Ther. 2021 Jul;27:522-528).