Facial Enhancement Acupuncture

What Is Facial Enhancement Acupuncture and How Does It Work?

Facial enhancement acupuncture is a non-surgical, holistic beauty treatment. It focuses on reducing the signs of ageing, improving overall appearance and enhancing natural beauty from within.

Facial enhancement acupuncture works in several ways:

1. Facial points are used to activate specific muscles of the face and neck to lift, improve muscle tone and increase circulation of blood and lymph.
2. Tiny needles are inserted into frown lines and wrinkles, causing a ‘micro-trauma’ that stimulates the body to produce collagen to gently fill out the line.
3. Regular acupuncture points are used to promote general health and reduce stress to give that well rested bright-eyed glow.

What happens in a treatment?

After a full consultation, the tiny needles are inserted in the face, neck, ears and body. The treatment is holistic and entirely individual focusing on your personal areas for concern. This may be a combination of complexion, sagging, puffiness or wrinkles. The needles are left in for approximately 20 minutes. Following treatment, arnica cream and a personalised blend of essential oils are applied with gentle massage techniques and a cooling jade roller. The full treatment will usually last 90 minutes.

Why have it and who is it for?

The simple answer is anyone can have facial enhancement acupuncture. Maybe you have reached a certain point in your life where age and the daily grind seem to show up in your face. The Chinese have an expression that is commonly used, up to the age of 30 you have your mother‘s face, in your 30s and 40s you have the face that you make, but after your 50s you have the face you deserve. All those moments spent feeling stressed and grimacing, accumulating slowly, altering a once smiling face and evaporating your youthful complexion, the little sparkle that you had is now a shadow of its former self.

Looking at the options out there. You could consider adding some makeup which will become part of your daily routine, however most of the time you are unsure of the ingredients or you might have some serious ethical issues with the way it has been put together. Maybe the idea of a substance being injected into your face is unpalatable, we have all seen pictures of celebrities where a certain procedure hasn’t worked or where the change produced made the person look somewhat unnatural or made them not look like them. Plastic surgery can carry an even greater risk and once you go down that road, there is certainly no return. This is where facial enhancement acupuncture can come into its own, it is a very gentle therapy where a course takes several weeks to administer focusing on building up your sense of vitality as well as eradicating those signs of tension and ageing allowing the body between sessions to build its reserves and rejuvenate . There is no foreign substance injected, no trauma that takes a long time to heal and the change is being both felt and seen.

Facial Enhancement Acupuncture is suitable for anyone seeking a gentler alternative to facial rejuvenation and general health boost.

While acupuncture is a very safe procedure, certain health conditions may contraindicate facial treatment. These include:

· Pregnancy
· Chronic recurrent migraines
· Uncontrolled high blood pressure
· Diabetes
· Patients who have problems with bleeding or bruising
· During a current bout of heavy cold, flu or the Herpes Simplex (cold sore) virus
There is a risk of occasional, temporary bruising with this treatment.

How many sessions for benefit?

Facial enhancement acupuncture is most effective after a course of 6 – 10 treatments. Results are gradual rather than dramatic, although patients often notice health changes almost immediately.

Most patients notice a facial change after 2 – 3 treatments although lasting changes are common around the 6th or 7th treatments.
Treatments are most effective when taken once or twice weekly, on a regular basis. Although emergencies and missed appointments do happen it is not recommended to leave more than two weeks between treatments where possible. After a course of treatment, monthly maintenance treatments can ‘top-up’ the results. A good skincare routine with a healthy diet and exercise can only increase the benefits of facial enhancement acupuncture.

Before and after treatment

To ensure all available time is used for your treatment, you are asked to arrive for your appointment with a clean face. It is also advisable to wait a few hours after treatment before applying face make-up. Mineral powder is a kinder option to the skin if this is unavoidable.


Blocks of treatments are booked and paid for in advance to encourage regularity of appointments and hence better results.
Individual Treatments – £90.00
Block of 10 treatments – £850.00

If you would like to book an appointment please contact us.