Group acupuncture is superior to individual acupuncture for relieving pain in cancer patients, and costs half as much to deliver, according to a trial carried out in Canada.  In the trial, 74 patients were randomly assigned to individual or group acupuncture treatments twice per week for six weeks.  Acupuncture treatments were individualised and open to modification over the course of the study to accommodate the individual’s changing symptomatology, but all prescriptions included Hegu L.I.-4 and Taichong LIV-3. Group acupuncture was performed in a room containing up to six people. Group acupuncture participants experienced more significant reduction in pain scores compared with individual acupuncture participants.  The effect size on pain-discomfort for group acupuncture (d=0.80) was significantly higher than that of individual acupuncture (d=0.34). The cost of delivering acupuncture treatment for the group arm was approximately half of the individual arm.  The authors point out that their findings have implications for the use of group acupuncture in low-resource settings and in healthcare systems where acupuncture for cancer patients is not covered by public health insurance.  (Cost-Utility of Group Versus Individual Acupuncture for Cancer-Related Pain Using Quality-Adjusted Life Years in a Noninferiority Trial. J Altern Complement Med. 2021 May;27(5):390-397).