American researchers conducted a randomised 12-week group acupuncture clinical trial for PDN which included semi-structured qualitative interviews about participants’ experiences with PDN and the intervention. They recruited 40 participants from diverse racial/ethnic backgrounds from a public hospital and conducted in-depth qualitative interviews with a subset of 17 people. Participants randomised to acupuncture experienced greater decreases in pain compared with usual care, as well as improved quality of life. Those who received acupuncture reported decreased reliance on pain medication, improved sleep and daily function, reduced stress, and more engagement with their own self-care. They also noted that the acupuncture intervention gave them hope in the face of their chronic disease.

“It Gave Me Hope” Experiences of Diverse Safety Net Patients in a Group Acupuncture Intervention for Painful Diabetic Neuropathy. Health Equity. 2020 May 22;4(1):225-231.