As we head towards hay fever season, we can approach the over activity of the immune system in two different ways, Western medicine prescribes anti histamine as a way of suppressing the body’s own reaction to environmental irritants and over time this can have an impact on overall health or we can use acupuncture and some dietary changes to re calibrate the body’s own immune response.

Hay Fever or allergic rhinitis, is a chronic inflammation of the nose, throat and sinuses. It is induced by external irritants, usually pollen carried in the air.  Spring hay fever is related to tree pollen, summer to grass pollen and autumn to weed pollen.  Non seasonal allergies are usually due to household irritants such as dust, animal hair, droppings of the house dust mite, mould, mildew, insect stings and bites.  People with pollen sensitivities have a hard time as it is difficult to avoid pollen because it is in the air that we breathe.

Acupuncture helps in regulating the body’s own immune response so that it is able to tolerate potential environmental irritants.  Most of the time what drives hay fever is an underlying deficiency in the energy within the lung channels or some other channels.  Ideally, you would start having treatment a few weeks before the hay fever season begins.  If you are unable to do that then acupuncture can be used to greatly relieve the symptoms once they appear.

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