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There is so much research being done about the benefits of acupuncture but how do you keep up? In this section we will share news about the clinic, upcoming seminars and events and our pick of the articles about acupuncture from around the world. Whether you are exploring whether acupuncture might be right for you or are a doctor or therapist looking to find out how it could help your patients we hope there will be something for everyone.

Greeting the New Year

From tomorrow it will be the beginning of Chinese New Year celebrations around the world, typically a time to be with both friends and family and overindulge slightly!  It will be the year of the rat so according to tradition certain birth signs have to be careful. So...

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The Total Release Experience (TRE)

There are many treatments available for chronic fatigue, but it is great to see The Total Release Experience (TRE) therapy being brought to the North East. Let 2020 be the year you discover your own natural ability to heal yourself from the impact of stress. The Total...

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Five Days of Tui Na

A big thank you to those who attended our first ever Tui Na course and to the 20 good people who supported them by having a treatment while donating money to a local charity. Just under £400 was raised for Children North East  and we now have seven Tui Na...

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Acupuncture and Plant Paradox

Acupuncture and Plant Paradox prove to be a powerful combination for treating chronic migraine for this particular patient. The Plant Paradox Diet by Dr Steven R. Gundry shows how reducing lectins can dramatically improve quality of life and reduce inflammation. 'Hi...

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Hay Fever Season

As we head towards hay fever season, we can approach the over activity of the immune system in two different ways, Western medicine prescribes anti histamine as a way of suppressing the body's own reaction to environmental irritants and over time this can have an...

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