Patient Letters

Hi Feras. I had a session of Acupuncture with you a few weeks ago for shoulder and arm pain.  I just wanted to say a big thank you – you’re a miracle worker, the pain started to ease the next day and I’m almost back to how I was before the injury.
Best Wishes

(Name supplied on request with permission), August 2021


Hi. Sorry I’m not requesting an appointment I just wanted to say thank you to Feras. He gave me acupuncture in Autumn last year and I’m so grateful, my little boy was born 4th June! He’s gorgeous. Had a few issues before the birth so had a planned section. I’ve told everyone how great the treatment was! Thanks again.

Sincerely (Name supplied on request with permission), July 2019

Hi Feras I’m writing to say a huge thank you for introducing me to the Plant Paradox Program. I am truly grateful to you and Dr Gundry! I haven’t had a migraine with aura since I started doing the program more or less properly just over 3 weeks ago. When I have had migraine it has been without aura and very mild. My energy levels feel fantastic. Haven’t felt as good in years! I finally feel this Program is dealing with the cause and not the symptoms of migraine and I know it’s only going to get better from here.

Sincerely (Name supplied on request with permission), 30th August 2018

Hi Ferris

Just to let you know I have cancelled my appointment at Morpeth today as I did a pregnancy test this morning and it was positive.  Can’t believe it!  Don’t know what you did in my appointment but it definitely worked!

Thanks very much for your help.

(Name supplied on request with permission), 1st April 2015 (email message)

To Feras

Just wanted to say a big thank you for all the help throughout our IVF journey, don’t know what you did but our embryos definitely clung on, we are expecting twins in August.  So thank you very much again, we are very grateful.

(Name supplied on request with permission), March 2014 (Thank You Card)


Hi Feras,

Just a short note to say that we had our baby girl **** on **** January. Thank you for treating me, I Believe that without the acupuncture it would have taken a lot longer to conceive.  I will be back for more treatment I’m sure as I found it really helpful to relieve stress and tension as well.
Many thanks again

(Name supplied on request with permission), 10th February 2014


Hello Feras

Just to let you know, our gorgeous baby boy was born on **** at a healthy 10lb 3oz.

After being told by doctors our chances of successfully conceiving were less than 5 % (even with IVF), we had very little hope when I researched acupuncture options. It was a friend who recommended you due to your specialism in fertility issues and I’m so glad I decided to give it a try. I started the acupuncture just before the start of my first IVF round and was amazed when it worked and I found out I was pregnant. I continued with the acupuncture throughout the pregnancy and now we have a perfect little boy to show for it.

Thank you for all your help and advice. IVF is such a stressful time for anyone but I do feel the acupuncture made a huge difference.

Best wishes

(Name supplied on request with permission), 2nd February 2014


To Heaton Acupuncture Clinic

Hi. I am 42. I have advanced degenerative oesteo arthritis in my hip. The pain is at times excruciating. The lack of sleep is also affecting me and kicks off IBS. The nhs can’t/won’t help. I just have to live with it until I’m old enough to have a new hip and pump myself full of increasingly stronger drugs. I’m generally a cheery and optimistic person but this is getting me down. I had 6 sessions of acupuncture on the nhs and that began to make a difference. Please could you help. I live in Morpeth but work in Newcastle so either clinic is an option. Many thanks.

Hi Feras

After just 3 treatments I am virtually pain free and sleeping properly for the first time in months and months. I feel like there is a way forward to manage the arthritis in my hip now. Thank you!

(Name supplied on request with permission), March 2013 – (email enquiry)


To Feras

Thank you for all your brilliant acupuncture appointments.  I am quite sure I wouldn’t have kept going without!

Best Wishes

(Names supplied on request with permission), September 2012- (Card)


Hi Feras

We are delighted to confirm we are expecting!  This was our fourth attempt at IVF and our first with Acupuncture so we are over the moon.  Thank you for helping us and for all the information and insight you provided to us, we really appreciate it.

(Names supplied on request with permission), 10th September 2012


Dear Ferris

Thank you so much for letting me observe your practice on Tuesday.  I learned so much and really appreciated your kindness and enthusiasm.  I was very impressed by my first experience of acupuncture!  Good luck with the renovations.
Best Wishes.

(Name supplied on request with permission), 6th September 2012 – (Postcard)


Hi Feras

I just wanted to let you know our lovely news; the birth of our little boy, *****.  Thank you so much for your fantastic treatment over the last couple of years.  I know it helped so much and has been a great support.  We’re all doing well – ***** is an absolute joy and we’re very happy.

Thanks again.

(Names supplied on request with permission), 19th July 2011 – (Postcard)