Taking part in a 12-week tai chi programme has multiple health benefits for post-menopausal women, particularly for those suffering from age-related loss of muscle strength. A Canadian team recruited 62 postmenopausal women and categorised them as dynapenic (suffering from age-related loss of muscle strength) or non-dynapenic. After 12 weeks of tai chi training, dynapenic women showed a significant decrease in body weight, fat mass percentage and skeletal muscle mass, whereas handgrip strength, functional capacity test scores and general health perception significantly increased. In non-dynapenic women, there was a significant decrease in waist circumference and a significant increase in chair-stand test and one-leg stance test scores. In addition, significantly lower systolic and diastolic blood pressures were observed in both groups after the intervention. Dynapenic women showed a more pronounced general health perception increase compared with non-dynapenic individials. (Effects of tai chi training in dynapenic and nondynapenic postmenopausal women.  Menopause. 2011 Sep; 18(9):974-979).