Tai chi qigong (TCQ) may be useful for improving sleep quality in older adults with cognitive impairment. Hong Kong clinicians randomised 52 older adults with cognitive impairment who complained of sleep disturbance to either a TCQ group or a control group. The intervention group received TCQ training consisting of two 60-minute sessions each week for two months. Compared with the control group, the TCQ participants experienced improvements in global sleep quality, in particular in sleep duration (increased by 48 minutes) and habitual sleep efficiency (increased by 9.1 per cent). TCQ participants also reported better mental health-related quality of life than the control group.
Tai chi qigong as a means to improve night-time sleep quality among older adults with cognitive impairment: a pilot randomized controlled trial. Clin Interv Aging. 2016 Sep 16;11:1277-1286.