Research from the USA has found that a 12-week tai chi (TC) intervention was more effective in reducing fall rates for stroke survivors than either strength training or usual care. The study involved 145 community-dwelling survivors of stroke with a mean age of 70 years, who were at least three months post-stroke. They were randomised to three groups. The TC group attended a one-hour Yang style 24-posture class three times per week. The strength training group (SS) performed strength and range of movement exercises with the same duration and frequency. The usual care (UC) group received weekly phone calls. During the intervention, TC participants had two thirds fewer falls (5 falls) than the SS (14 falls) and UC (15 falls) groups. Both the TC and SS groups showed significantly better aerobic endurance over time. (Effect of tai chi on physical function, fall rates and quality of life among older stroke survivors. Arch Phys Med Rehabil. 2014 May;95(5):816-24). http: / / / pubmed / 24440643