Practising tai ji quan can reduce fall-related injuries after chemotherapy in postmenopausal women.  An American research team conducted a three-arm randomised controlled trial in which 462 older (50+years), postmenopausal women cancer survivors participated in one of three supervised group exercise programmes (tai ji quan, strength training or stretching) twice weekly for six months after training stopped.  A post hoc analysis of the results detected a significantly reduced incidence of fall-related injuries within the tai ji quan group over the first six months, dropping from 4.3 falls per 100 person-months at baseline to 2.4.  No significant changes occurred during 6-month follow-up. Over the intervention period, leg strength significantly improved in the strength group and balance improved in the tai ji quan group, compared with controls. (GET FIT: A Randomized Clinical Trial of Tai Ji Quan Versus Strength Training for Fall Prevention After Chemotherapy in Older, Postmenopausal Women Cancer Survivors. J Clin Oncol.2023 Jun 20;41(18):338403396).