Traditional south east Asian home remedy used for healing surface inflammation.    This remedy is typically used continually every day for 7-10 days, for acute conditions or slightly more chronic issues it can be used three days on and three days off for a longer period until changes are noticed.

For external use only.

Tofu and Ginger Poultice

Take one handful of tofu and mix with a spoonful of wheat flour to bind it, add in one teaspoon of freshly grated ginger and wrap in a cotton cloth.  Place on the affected part.

Good for inflamed areas, boils, bites etc. For external use only.

Energetic’s of the ingredients, tofu is used a a Yin and Qi tonic, freshly grated ginger is gently warming and wheat flour is good in resolving toxic heat.

If you are interested in food energetic’s, read Chinese Foods for Longevity by Henry C. Lu.